Distributed cluster tools

Manage clients over a cluster of FreeSWITCH processes.

class switchio.distribute.MultiEval(slaves, delegator=<class 'itertools.cycle'>, accessor='.')

Invoke arbitrary python expressions on a collection of objects


Cache of obj attributes since python has no built in for getting them all…

evals(expr, **kwargs)

Evaluate expression on all slave sub-components (Warning: this is the slowest call)

expr: str
python expression to evaluate on slave components
folder(func, expr, **kwargs)

Same as reducer but takes in a binary function

partial(expr, **kwargs)

Return a partial which will eval bytcode compiled from expr

reducer(func, expr, itertype='', **kwargs)

Reduces the iter retured by evals(expr) into a single value using the reducer func


A slave pool for controlling multiple (Client, EventListener) pairs with ease