API Reference


This reference is not entirely comprehensive and is expected to change.

Connection wrapper

A thread safe (plus more) wrapper around the ESL SWIG module’s ESLConnection type is found in connection.py.

Observer components

The core API Client interface can be found in api.py. There are also some synchronous helpers hidden within.

Call Control Apps

All the built in apps can be found in the switchio.apps subpackage.

Model types

The Models api holds automated wrappers for interacting with different FreeSWITCH channel and session objects as if they were local instances.
  • Session - represents a FreeSWITCH session entity and provides a rich method api for control using call management commands.
  • Job - provides a synchronous interface for background job handling.

Cluster tooling

Extra helpers for managing a FreeSWITCH process cluster.

  • MultiEval - Invoke arbitrary python expressions on a collection of objects.
  • SlavePool - a subclass which adds oberver component helper methods.